An independent personal work of a 20 year old writer from Sana’a, Yemen. I was inspired because of my passion to write and research. I believe in the importance and necessity of a global revolution by Humanity; however, because of the manipulation, programming, and control humans all around the world are subjected to then there is a need to learn compassion first. Compassion is the first step towards learning to think right. It’s being honest and accepting of oneself rather than struggling wanting to change the rest, and this is one of the things that would drive one to want to truly understand the truth.

Life is much prettier than how we tend to see it on normal days, and it’s full of wonderful journeys, but it’s up to the ONE (you) to open every single source of life within to start breathing something different. The reality of what is really out there, what is really all what it is? I explore these things through my writing and I hope to listen more from you, but all I mostly do is as I put it in one word: introspection.

You can comment, share the things you like from other websites, and maybe share my writing as well, but always remember to think deeper. (:

Please join me! It’s time for the Revolution of Compassion. Thanks for visiting…


Al-Gassim (revolt)



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