Global Revolts

Revolution of Compassion

It is after having a vision about life; a carefully examined understanding of the world and reality; disconnection with one’s Reptilian urges replaced by a harmonious relation with the Greater Creator; one starts to find meaning and reason. Reason and meaning gives one a clear sight. Compassion towards Humanity starts to grow in oneself that all challenges and efforts in life shall be for that one goal.

An independent personal work of a 20 year old writer from Sana’a, Yemen. I was inspired because of my passion to write and research. I am not interested in the number of audience but the persons who would visit and be inspired. Global Revolts is a thought provoking blog through literature and images. Remember to think, and understand the way your brain thinks. Live with compassion! The NWO will not succeed – a promise from the heartland(s) of Yemen.


GlobalRevolts – Revolution of Compassion

A picture from the blog.. Sunday, 30 September 2012 Sight Life is where your sight is! Revolution of Compassion – Al-Gassim Sharafuddin


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